Bicoastal Media Marketing Web Design Promotion

Bicoastal Media Marketing Web Design Promotion

Social Media Marketing

Introducing “AV”  The Audio/Visual approach to marketing and social solutions.

Bicoastal Media’s terrestrial and digital services make thousands of impressions on our followers daily. 

With the combination of a radio footprint that reaches and area of nearly 350 square miles from north of Sea Lion Caves to Gold Beach and westward to Winston and Drain and a digital footprint the reaches population centers like Portland, Eugene, Medford, and more…this messaging delivery system will expand your branding and imagery.  

Bicoastal Media Marketing funnel

Now a word from Paul Cookson on “RADIO”

Concepts from ADBOSS

Left Brain – Right Brain “Why Radio Works”


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Radio Marketing

Promotions/Special Programs:

Need an idea?  Our marketing services include program development, events and ideas that can help you reach new persons.

Past promotions include; Snowbound, Bowl with Santa, 12 x 12, 12 x 13, Pet Rocks are Back, Airband Competition, Here to help, In Touch, Eye on the south coast, Partyline, Public Market, Workline,  Just sing it, Shop Charleston, Shop Coos Bay, Shop Charleston.


Internet Services/Web Advertising:

Along with the power of mass radio coverage with an arsenal of radio stations, our internet programs include web design and hosting, web streaming and social media exposure.

Here are some of our video stream clients;

Streaming, Banners, Video, Audio

Advertising in about the OFFER

Social Media


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