Partyline is YOUR show to buy, sell, trade and give away your stuff!


Call Lee every weekday morning at 267-2124 or toll free 1-800-507-5569.


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Nothing illegal may be posted/advertised on Party Line

1)  There are no price limits on airing items on party line

2)  Firearms/alcohol/Cannabis cannot be put on air

3)  You may also post items to our Facebook page.

4)  Businesses may not use party line to sell products unless they are a sponsor. 

5)  We ask that if our public market and party line users find out that a business is using the service to turn them in to us.

6)  Businesses caught using this program, that are not a sponsor, will be charged $200 dollars per occurrence.

7)  Businesses wishing to be a part of partyline can call out business office at 541-267-2121 or visit our webpage and use the contact us tab.

Party Line



    Moving sale, antiques, coca cola stuff, furniture, Mt. bike,       541-260-2953
    NEED help moving a 17’ trailer                                                 541-294-3380
    Over 26 cases of oil, oil filters, tools,                                         541-913-1624
    Small block engines, 350 & 400                                                 541-297-0350
    1995 Geo metro tranny,                                                              541-290-9940
    Heavy duty hitch, new chain link fence, myrtle wood slabs      541-551-5373
    Truck bed cover, good day bike, butter churn                            541-290-5045
    1989 XJV Jag,                                                                             541-294-9429
    New paint gun, craftsman router, body work tools,                   541-913-1624
    Myrtle wood slabs, new 4’x 25’ chain link fence, 15” tire        541-551-5373
    NEED broader collier, landscape rack,                                       541-404-7583
    2005 Dodge neon, 1995 Ford Explorer,                                     541-297-0521
    NEED Mini van,                                                                         541-217-5453
    Patio table,                                                                                  541-888-0846
    Eclectic scooter, 1974 Ford 400 engine & C6 tranny                 541-297-4101