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Partyline is YOUR show to buy, sell, trade and give away your stuff!

Call Bear every weekday morning at 267-2124 or toll-free 1-800-507-5569.

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Nothing illegal may be posted/advertised on Party Line

1)  There are no price limits on airing items on party line

2)  Firearms/Alcohol/Cannabis cannot be put on air

3)  You may also post items to our Facebook page.

4)  Businesses may not use party line to sell products unless they are a sponsor. 

5)  We ask that if our public market and party line users find out that a business is using the service to turn them in to us.

6)  Businesses caught using this program, that are not a sponsor, will be charged $200 dollars per occurrence.

7)  Businesses wishing to be a part of partyline can call out business office at 541-267-2121 or visit our webpage and use the contact us tab.

Party Line

  • Partyline Call Log 6-17-2019
    need property without cell reception , also have 75$ sonnen goats, and desk 50$ 5413474226

    collect old vhs movies need a pplayer 5412971000

    hijacker 5th wheel hitch 5413964104

    ford pickup  1000$ 5418883648 call after noon

    hotpoint washer and dryer 500$ vickie 2673969

    robotwister 10 2711885

    wheelchair lift 100$ tools for sale, craftsman rockwell etc hand saws circular saws tow chain lakeside windy bay convenient but call 5414354442

    66 chevy car hood and doors iso 5 hp compressor 5412677376

    box of dvd movies 25$ bookshelf speakers 5$ set 5412677706

    seven gun cabinet 100$ craftmans 3 ton floor jack folding camping tables 5412978234

    breeding pair of bobcats 5415905280

    open house for ohv on public roads 4 to 6 winchester bay rv park rec center

    china hutch 100$ automan 10$ glass coffee table, etc 5412170371

    doug 9 ft 6 fishing pole new 20$ calvin klein jeans 12$ 2 levis 12$ each various old navy shirts 5412176407 motorcycle jacket , 30$ for jacket 6ft  cypress slab  75$

    2001 ranger 4000$ washer and dryer 1004 3616138

    walking lawnmowers sheep Soay sheep 2695682 green acres

    gary 5725276 has property for trade for handyman work